Greg Keller

For School District 68 Trustee


When re-elected, I will be guided by the following principles and goals and will aim to work collaboratively with other Trustees, partners, and stakeholders to achieve the following:

Principle 1: Student Success

Related Goals:

  1. Support the creation of measurable indicators of student success that can be monitored over time to assist the Board in providing educational oversight.

  2. Increase spending on student support, programs, and services.

  3. Support teachers needs and their ability to provide quality educational services.

  4. Increase student access to mental health professionals and specialists to meet each student’s unique needs.

  5. Engage with Parent Advisory Committees, parents, and students and represent their needs at the Board table.

  6. Explore options to provide expanded capacity in highly utilized programs such as French Immersion programs, Departure Bay Elementary Eco-school, and the Lacrosse Academy.

  7. Amend the out-of-catchment enrolment policy to better reflect student needs and provide more certainty and security for students and families.

Principle 2: Sound facilities planning is key to student success

Related Goals:

  1. Advocate and strongly support a new Nanaimo District Secondary School and a replacement for Ladysmith Secondary.

  2. Continue to focus on seismic upgrades, facilities renewal and emergency preparedness.

  3. Support and advocate for capital projects that address student capacity needs.

  4. Monitor the success of the facilities plan to ensure that there is a strong link between enrolment projections, facility capacity, growth rates, and development projections.

  5. Advocate and strongly support the creation of barrier-free facilities.

Principle 3: Honour the Land, the Place, and its People

Related Goals:

  1. View my role and my work through the lens of the Syeyutsus Reconciliation Policy and Framework.

  2. Be an active participant and support actions that contribute towards Truth and Reconciliation.

  3. Continue to work with Indigenous communities as partners in education to deliver educational programs and services that are culturally appropriate and, where practical, are offered in their own language.

  4. Advocate for environmental education and programs and initiatives which reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce energy and water use.

  5. Support the implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan.

Principle 4: Open and transparent governance

Related Goals:

  1. Continue to advocate for open and transparent governance.

  2. Ensure that parents, caregivers, families, and students feel heard.

  3. Build upon recent achievements by continuing to work on updating policies to improve Board processes and practices.

Principle 5: Fiscal responsibility

Related Goals:

  1. Focus spending close to the classroom.

  2. Support enhanced facilities maintenance and address the maintenance deficit.

  3. Support spending that benefits our most vulnerable students and those most in need.

  4. Advocate for increased funding for public education.