Greg Keller

For School District 68 Trustee

Greg Keller

Meet Greg

Greg Keller and his wife Amber have lived in Nanaimo for the last 18 years and are the proud parents of two children aged 10 and 15. As a parent of two students in our system, Greg knows how it has been for families struggling with the impacts of covid, the difficulty in accessing preferred educational and academy programs, and students who attend crowded and aging facilities.

Mr. Keller is driven to help others, to improve the community, and is a strong defender of the public education system. Greg represents the voice of reason as a person who approaches challenging decisions in a calm, collective, professional manner. He is a forward-thinking individual who strives to make rational and informed decisions that reflect the values of those involved and respond to the needs of all hard-working families.

Greg Keller is a Registered Professional Planner with 20 years of experience leading a range of complex, multi-stakeholder community planning and engagement projects. As a public servant working in a local government setting, Greg has worked closely with the public, elected officials, senior levels of government, and community groups from across the region to lead the creation of Official Community Plans and to administer the development approval process. With his background in community planning and experience working for local government, Greg offers a specialized skill set that will allow him to excel in his second term as a School District Trustee. Mr. Keller also volunteers as a Director for the Coast Emergency Communications Association which provides emergency radio communications services during times of need to the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo. He is very much aware of the importance of emergency preparedness and need to ensure that our students are safe.

Greg is an honest, open, hardworking individual who is true to his word and is not afraid to stand up for others on issues that matter to them. Mr. Keller believes that every student deserves access to quality educational programming that meets their individual needs.

Greg Keller is running for re-election for Nanaimo Ladysmith School District Board Trustee as a voice of reason and the right choice to make our school district a leader in public education.